Museum & Tearoom Open
Wednesday-Sunday - 10am - 4pm

Sunday 29th October, 7pm

Pricing: £5, booking advised, please book at reception or by calling 756814

Research into the history of her private Island residence opened a door for Susan Weeks into a forgotten past that had been locked away for over a century. Susan reveals the untold story of her Victorian home at Sandford House which was formerly the  country seat of its original owners the Spartali family. Her presentation describes their lives and widespread Island connections, focusing most especially on that of Marie Spartali, daughter of the house, whose own pioneering career made her arguably the greatest of all the female artists painting in the Pre Raphaelite style. Being labelled “a stunner” Marie became the popular choice as both model and muse for many famous names including Dimbola’s  very own Julia Margaret Cameron.  Susan’s extensive research brings us up to the present day and a unique family reunion.

Refreshments will be available from the Dimbola Tea Room before the talk.