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Museum & Tearoom Open:
7 days a week 10am-5pm


19th April – 2nd June

Nonpareil is based in North Wiltshire and consists of just seven members – each of whom has national  and international success under their belts and who came together 7 years ago to bounce ideas off each other. Whilst each of them have developed and benefited from the collaboration, it is important that they have retained their own individuality and you will see a variety of subject matter and approaches on our walls today. Nonetheless, this varied approach seems to have been successful since the group recently came second in competition against the pick of clubs in the UK with two picking up Gold and silver in the 2019 Western Counties Exhibition as well as Highly commended.

Over the years – although not many, the personnel has varied with the group numbering 5 at the beginning, reaching a high of ten and now back to seven. Because we meet at members houses the space is limited and we need to be selective when approaching prospective new personnel. Most important is the ability to fit into the group and a certain standard of photographic ability.

A willingness to venture outside ones personal comfort zone as far as image making is concerned is a pre-requisite, for that is and remains the main principle of the group, a policy bearing favourable comparison to the photographic approach of Julia Margaret Cameron who was very much an innovator.

As a group of enthusiasts it was apparent after a while that we needed an aim and so we cast around for a competition at which to try our hands. In order to compete at regional level we had to become a club and so we competed in a group competition where we were outstandingly unsuccessful although one of our chaps secured the best picture award. We have competed in local, regional and national competition (representing the Western Counties) as well as The FIAP (Fédération Internationale de L’Art Photographique) World Cup where came in the first 25 out of about 150 clubs. We do not hold internal competitions and limit our external exposure to a few favourites.

The images in this collection are therefore varied in subject matter and method of production although all have originated in camera. They are varied in style and not necessarily ‘Photographic competition’ worthy, but hopefully are in the main pleasing for the onlooker to behold.


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