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                                                                                        Due to the current situation the Museum & Tearoom are closed                                                                                                                                                                                    


While working away in artistic lockdown, and greatly missing the opportunity to assemble his installation now for the Dimbola exhibition, Creative Cross-Currents with India and Sri Lanka, Jeremy Bear has set the work up in his studio in Sussex.
The exhibition in which this will feature will now take place at Dimbola next Spring.
‘As the photograph shows, Jeremy’s installation features a new painting of people gathered at a pandal to celebrate the Durga Puja festival, a smaller work depicting an ancient bronze female figure and a collection of many folk art objects found on his travels in India.  The richly patterned woven sari fabric that forms the backdrop was bought recently in Southall, London and has been reworked for this purpose by an Indian needle worker there.  Jeremy designed and commissioned the structure from a local carpenter in Sussex with whom he’s worked on previous installations.’
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