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21 April – 16 July 2017

Dimbola Museum and Galleries is delighted to announce our next exhibition, ‘Iceland: An Uneasy Calm’, a series of spectacular landscapes created by award-winning photographer and printer Tim Rudman.

Iceland, ‘The Land of Ice and Fire’, is a land of myth and magic, of fearsome subterranean power and spectacular scenery. Tim’s stunning photographs capture the beauty and contrasts of the dramatic Icelandic landscape and have received widespread praise:

Majestic images that draw the viewer into the harsh reality of nature at its most rugged”[1]

 “These images go far beyond the common and strike deep at the viewers’ core, resonating with power and beauty. The photographs will take you to many places beyond simple fences, rocks, clouds and shorelines and undoubtedly to places within”.[2]

 [1] Silvershotz contemporary photography magazine

[2] Bill Schwab, photographic artist and publisher


Tim’s book of the same name is a sumptuous celebration of the photographic art and traditional interpretive darkroom printing by an acknowledged master of the craft and will be available to purchase from the Dimbola gift shop.