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23rd September -31st December

Several times over the last few centuries, Egypt has exerted a special fascination for European travellers and audiences. It features in Biblical history, if not always in a flattering light. It was a major element of the Orientalist narrative, exotic and mysterious, and a primary location for international mass tourism of the modern era. It featured in both opera (most notably Verdi’s Aida) and trade (especially with the opening of the Suez Canal), and in the two World Wars and in the struggles of decolonization. In recent years, Egypt has become the archetype of active civil society in the Arab world.

In this exhibition, David Tunnicliffe’s photographs show the physicality and excitement of an Egypt that is both modern and also, without interruption, ancient. The images were captured over a span of four and a half years as David and his family embarked on a remarkable journey through the ancient land of Egypt. Throughout this period, David held the esteemed position of resident staff photographer for the Egypt Exploration Society. However, these diverse images go beyond his professional role, offering a glimpse into his everyday encounters. They vividly portray the essence of life, the ever-changing landscapes, the rich historical tapestry, and the vibrant culture of this enigmatic and biblical land.

“The selection for this exhibition was really hard to achieve,” David admits. “Without exaggeration I have tens of thousands of images of Egypt amassed over the four and a half years we lived there. “What I wanted to do was to show a side of Egypt that is seldom seen by the ‘tourist,’” he added. “I hope I have been successful!”

This exhibition runs until the 31st December.

The book and calendar will be available to buy in our gift shop.

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