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Museum & Tearoom:
7 days a week 10am-4pm

*Please check facebook/instagram for the most up to date info

Originally the home of pioneering Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, Dimbola Museum & Galleries stands as a testament to her groundbreaking contributions to the art form. Now, thirty years since its inception, we continue to honour Cameron’s legacy while expanding our reach to showcase diverse photographic works from around the world.

Established in 1994, we have become a   beacon of artistic   exploration and   historical   preservation, attracting visitors     from around the globe. In our   illustrious   history, we have   curated  countless   exhibitions,   workshops, and events,   fostering a  vibrant community of artists,   scholars, and enthusiasts alike. From the   earliest days of photography to the cutting-   edge innovations of today, we remain at the   forefront of preserving photographic   heritage and pushing the boundaries of   visual storytelling.

“We are thrilled to commemorate thirty years of Dimbola Museum & Galleries,” says Dr Brian Hinton, Chair of the Julia Margaret Cameron Trust. “Since our founding, we have been dedicated to preserving the past, engaging with the present, and inspiring the future of photography. As we look ahead, we are excited to continue our mission of fostering creativity, curiosity, and connection through the power of images.”

To celebrate this historic milestone, We have planned a schedule of events during the day followed by an invitation-only evening party hosted by Jules Cameron, the Vice president of Dimbola, the great great great granddaughter of Julia Margaret Cameron, international DJ and comedian. Cocktails will be supplied by Mermaid Gin and the Isle of Wight Cocktail Company kindly staffed by expert mixologists from The Albion Hotel who will also provide canapés, a taste of their new hotel a short walk away.  Jules Cameron will be doing a DJ set and is also curating a collection of arts from special guest artists, Lauren Baker, Diana Gomez and others. 

Our main exhibition is by Lisen Stibeck, a contemporary Swedish photographic artist who shares unexpected parallels with Julia Margaret Cameron in their respective creative journeys. Born more than a century apart, these artists share an unwavering devotion to the craft, an exploration of the feminine experience, and the manifestation of dreamlike realities. 

As we embark on our next chapter we invite visitors, supporters and patrons to join in celebrating thirty years of photographic excellence and innovation to honour the past and embrace the present, envisioning the limitless possibilities of the future through the lens of Dimbola.


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